NEWS & UPDATES Buddy week for April is the 6th - 11th. 2 classes for your buddy for Free every month. Parents can come too! Please make sure you have your buddy fill out the waiver form and the non-disclosure before starting! This will be available the 1st full week of each month of 2015!

Now available! Sensei Green's book

"Finding Karate"


Finding Karate book



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8 History Making Accomplishments at Green's Karate:

2006: Sensei Green taught the "first person in history with autism to qualify and compete in the U.S. Karate Nationals in the non-handicap division". This story was featured on CNN News. Having trouble watching the video? Go to our Youtube Channel "Corey Greens Karate" and subscribe! We have educational and entertaining videos there! Read more about the 7 other historical making accomplishment in our "About Us" page!

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Tradition and Innovation

Green's Karate combines Traditional Japanese Karate with Sensei Green's own innovative techniques to teach a diverse range of students, including those with special needs. Green's Karate teaches whomever is "willing" to learn!Learn More.


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8th Degree Black belt Sensei Katsutaka Tanaka schedule of seminars at Green’s Karate.

Sensei Tanaka is one of the highest black belts in the world. In 2011, he was awarded the “Official of the Year award” by the U.S. Olympic Committee. He has coached the U.S. Team on 4 occasions. He taught the “First American Born Junior World champion in American history.” Go to to learn more! This is Sensei Tanaka’s 12th visit to gig city!

First seminar $30.00 any additional seminar is $25.00 Spectator fee is $5.00 for adults / $ 3.00 for ages 4 and older for each seminar. Weapon’s seminar do not include weapon. Please ask about weapons prices. Order weapon(s) by April 20th to have in time for seminars! Please email us to place your name on our registration for each seminar. Please pay for all seminars prior to taking the seminar! Any questions please email us or call us at 423-432-5280. Thank You!

Sunday, April 26th 2015 


2:30 P Kicking Seminar 1

3:30 P Punching/Striking/Takedown Seminar

4:30 P Beginner Kata 1 Seminar

Monday, April 27th


4:30 P Beginner Kata Seminar 2

5:30 P Little Dragon's Seminar (45 minute)

6:30 P Sparring Seminar 1

7:30 P Sai Seminar 1

Tuesday, April 28th


5:00 P Kicking Seminar 2 /br>
6:00 P Bo Seminar

7:00 P Intermediate Kata 1 (for beginner too)

8:00 P Advanced Kata 1

Wednesday, April 29th


4:30 P Kicking Seminar

5:30 P Sai Seminar 2

6:30 P Intermediate Kata 2 (for beginners as well)

7:30 P Advanced Kata 2 – Seienchin

Thursday, April 30th


5:00 P Self-Defense Seminar (Men or Women)

6:00 P Sparring Seminar 2

7:00 P Special Seminar earning a black belt in weapons with the Hodo-Ryu Association!

8:00 P Tonfa seminar