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Green's Karate:

Green's Karate will help instill good manners, respect, self-discipline, confidence and self-defense. Karate, when taken seriously, also develops good character in the person partaking. Karate helps with other physical attributes (balance, reflexes, coordination, fine/gross motor, agility, endurance, stamina and more!) that many professional sports athletes and coaches have known and often recommend traditional martial arts to their players once they make it to the pro level. Traditional karate can easily be considered an athletic prep. If the pro's and celebrities train in traditional martial arts, shouldn't you? We are the only full-time traditional karate school in Chattanooga.

We know that what we teach is fundamentally life changing and have many positive and personal reviews reflecting this fact. Please go to our “About Us” page to learn more!

Many people once fully involved in our program, at our main location, treat traditional karate not as an extra curricular activity but as an art form, a discipline of the mind, and body and a way of life.

Yes, there is a specific style of karate that we teach and is called Shito-Ryu karate. We are certified worldwide for our karate instruction through an organization called the Nihon Karate Do Kenwa Kai which is headquartered in Japan. Google this: 4 major styles of Karate. Then read and learn about our style of karate as well as Shotokan, Goju-Ryu and Wado-Ryu. Most people have never heard of these styles of karate. Again, most people we have met, about 95% and around 5,000 people, don't know what traditional karate really is or what karate can do for them that benefits their lives! The lessons you learn in karate can be applied to everyday life.

Sensei Green wrote a childrens book titled “Finding Karate”, his first book, it as written to educate children (ages 8 to 12) and adults on the differences between several traditional martial arts styles (Karate, Kung-Fu, and Tae Kwon Do) that are often confused with one another. To further drive this point home knowing of this confusion and prior to his 1st book release, Sensei Green would often host and co-host at a local “live” public television station sometimes educating the general public on the differences of the styles explained above. He would only do this when asked or given the opportunity, he would give a general overlay of the differences. After 4 years of hosting and 100 hours of hosting, he still found many people didn't know or knew to look into these specifics about karate. This is the an additional reason for the release of his first book, “Finding Karate!” You can purchase this at as well as his other future books.

Karate is not easy and is suppose to be a challenge. Karate belts are never given, only earned. Specific pricing are laid out in a private meeting with our a staff member to maintain our competitive pricing. We are happy to show you how we are less than most full-time martial arts schools today. We can meet and beat most competitors prices from other full time martial arts schools.

Why are these specifics about karate important? Here are 4 questions/facts you should read before considering training in traditional karate at Green's Karate.

Question 1: Do you or your child want to learn “real” karate? 2. Do you want you or your child to be a black belt or say they are a black belt? 3. Do you know what certified worldwide really means? 4. Do you want the best possible instruction from a group of people that truly care about your best interests and that are down to earth?

Here are some other facts you might not know. Did you know that we were featured on CNN News in 2006? Click on the picture of the boy to watch the CNN video! Did you know that Green's Karate has made karate history 8 times in 7 years for their work? Did you know that there is a documentary in the works regarding Sensei Green's ground breaking and revolutionary work with special needs students? You can view the documentary trailer “Fighting Autism” on our You Tube channel!

Green's Karate has been interviewed on several occasions by all local new stations (WRCB, WDEF, WTVC) as well as the local Times Free Press newspaper regarding our traditional, unique and innovative teaching methods that helps all that are willing to learn karate with or without special needs. Many people have heard of Green's Karate but we are pigeon holed currently mainly by people thinking we only teach special needs students which is entirely untrue. We are just extremely successful in this “new” field. Green's Karate doesn't offer adaptive karate for special needs, we never lower our standard for anyone. We make sure each and every student meets the worldwide standard for karate.

We have 29 USA-N.K.F. National Champions and Medalists ( from ages 5 to 57 and half of our competitors had less than 12 months experience when they won their medal(s). 4 of those medals have been won by people with special needs (autism, blind). We are the only karate school to ever compete in the U.S. Karate Nationals for karate in Chattanooga, ever. Visit our You Tube Channel “Corey Greens Karate” to learn more! Go to our “About us” page to learn more.

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Tradition and Innovation

Green's Karate combines Traditional Japanese Karate with Sensei Green's own innovative techniques to teach a diverse range of students, including those with special needs. Learn More.


Do you have questions? Feel free to Email Us or call (423)432-5280.


KARATE COACHES- *New* Coaching courses starting in 2015. Hire out one of our 10 National Champions or medalists coaches to train you up or your child during our special time slots (Thursdays at 7 P.M. or Saturdays at 10:30A.M.) for basic karate training or for the National Karate Championships! Each session is tailored to your goals. Each coach can have up to two clients at a time. You have to physically come to the dojo to see our coach options at this time.