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About Us

Green's Karate since 1998

Take advantage of our 2023 Back to school special and save big! For only $89.99, you will receive a uniform with the top, bottom, and belt and 12 lessons. Plus, if you bring a friend, they will receive $25.00 off the special! Don't miss out on this amazing offer - enroll today! Simply fill out our waiver that is one of the tabs on our page! We'll contact you shortly after! 

Green's Karate School offers classes for students of all ages and skill levels looking to learn the martial art of karate. Our classes are tailored to the individual and focus on instilling the physical and mental benefits of karate, with lifestyle-appealing programs for the older crowd including those in their 60's and beyond wanting to experience lifelong positive outcomes. Come join us and transform your life through the exciting process of learning karate and martial arts!


As of September 1st, 2022

We are changing our policy for our programs with extensions of the 3, 6 and 12 month and other programs.  Everyone will have 2 extra weeks to complete the 3 month program, 4 extra weeks to complete the 6 month program and 6 extra weeks to complete the 12 month program. People often use the extensions when they go on vacation or when someone is under the weather. To activate any extension you must email us at and it has to be an absence for more than 7 consecutive days in order for it to count. This is a bonus we have offered for 25 years and will continue to have this benefit available. 

Belt test dates for 2023

(remember no classes on these exact days) 

August 31st at 5:30P. Register by August 10th

October 14th at 11:00A. Register by September 25th 

November 30th at 5:30 Register by November 5th

Private tests are available if you are unable to make these pre arranged and scheduled tests. *There is an extra cost for private belt testing depending on what level and how many students are testing. Please inquiry with Sensei for more specific pricing on private belt tests. 


July 24th - July 28th

Hours: 9 to 12P.M. then 1P.M. to 4P.M. *You do not need to pick up your camper at 12p.m. for the lunch break if the camper will be at the dojo for a full day!  

Karate and martial arts training nearly all day! 

We offer full and half day camps. Ages 6 to 17.

Full Day is $60.00 (bring lunch and 2 snacks)

Half Day is $35.00 (bring 1 snack or 2)

Pay for 5 full days in Full and receive $25.00 off for the first camper.  

Pay for 5 full days in full and receive $15.00 off for the second camper.  

Please fill out the waiver at the top!

You can pay via our invoice to you, over the phone, or physically drop a check or cash off at our location. Please register soon than later as our 

camps fill up fast and is limited to 20 campers. Late pick and early drop off arrangements are available!  

WE DO HAVE HOMESCHOOL CLASSES! (See our schedule, for times) 

Birthday Parties

We are now offering birthday parties! A two hour party with up to 16 friends. Parties are offered on Saturdays or Sundays. Please reserve 30 days in advance. Cost is $350.00 with half ($175.00) required upfront to reserve the time and space (non-refundable). Party host can set up the day of. Party consists of a group karate class for the attendees, a real katana to cut the cake, and there will be some prizes given out to party attendees for games we play at the party. All partiers that are participating in the party will need to fill out our waiver prior to the class. Please email us at for reservations. Any questions, please call us at 423-405-3656 (DOJO).

Class descriptions : 

Beginners 6 and older (families can join in this class),

Intermediate - 8th kyu to 5th kyu 

Advanced - 4th kyu and up currently 

Teen/Adult - 13 and up. 

Self-Defense Classes - Offered upon request in group of 6 or more. 

Special needs Classes ages 5 to age 12 offered twice per week. 

Little Dragons - Meet on Saturdays at 11:00 Ages 3 to 5

Homeschool Classes:


We have offered homeschool karate classes for decades!

We offer karate classes for homeschoolers at 1p.m. on Mondays and Wednesdays. 

Homeschoolers can also attend evening classes too!


Green's Karate Competition Team Practice Sessions

Mondays at 6:25p, Thursdays at 7:30. Cost is $75/mo for Competition team. Must be able to perform two katas in good form before applying. Team starts August 1st and concludes December 1st.  We take the month of December off and start back the 5th of January of 2024. This begins our National Competition Team cycle and we add in Saturdays at 9:45a.m.  

Location of USANKF Signature Karate events for 2024

U.S. Open will be held Easter weekend in Dallas, Texas and the U.S. Karate National will be held in Lafayette, Louisiana either the 2nd or 3rd week in July in 2024.

Important fact!

​We are the only martial arts school in Chattanooga and the surrounding area that competes at the highest level of sport karate. We represent Chattanooga every time we compete at the USANKF National Championships and the USANKF U.S. Open.


The success rate of someone new to karate winning a National medal in less than 6 months training at our school is around 90%. 75% of winning overall with a team average of only 5.2 people over 15 years. 


We have a former U.S. Karate team athlete and senpai along with a future athlete that will represent the U.S. karate team, competing on our team! It will be a sight to see! Every year we have a great time! We look forward to you joining our team!