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Home of the first person from Chattanooga on the U.S. Karate Team, Ryan Rogers. Rogers has been a valuable member of the U.S. Karate team since 2016! 

Benefits: We instill Manners, Respect, Self-Discipline, and Confidence. Self-Defense is taught in every class! 

Gain better balance, reflexes, flexibility, strength, stamina, coordination and build good character! 

Our State-of-the-art traditional karate school is located at 5319 Ringgold Road Suite "G"!

You can call or text us at 423-405-3656 (DOJO). We are the largest traditional karate school in Chattanooga! Classes for Men, Women, Children, and Teens.  Ages 3 and Up!

Our Sensei was profiled and interviewed by a Legendary Jet Fighter Pilot, Ron Cooper, (best selling author, keynote speaker and a Certified Speaker with the John Maxwell Team)  in a Pod Cast series that recently debuted.  Here is the link to the first Pod Cast. We will list them here as they drop for easy convenience.  Once you hear how far Green Sensei will go to succeed, his life story will inspire you! 

1st Pod Cast interview: https://youtu.be/G_j8iMt0El4

2nd Pod Cast Interview: https://youtu.be/CHrckRpyV1U

3rd Pod Cast Interview: https://youtu.be/n13FlYNDV-s

4th Pod Cast Interview: https://youtu.be/nRP722R4M3I

As of 2021, children between the ages of 3 and 17 will be required to "tryout" for our exclusive Traditional Karate and martial arts program.  

Tryouts will be offered on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays and Mondays of every month during regular class times. This is so we can build up the current students, faster and to a higher level of training.

Next tryout days are June 7th and 12th as well as June 21st and June 26th. July 5th, 10th, 26th, 31st. 

Be sure to contact us via email at greenskarate@gmail.com or call/text us at 423-405-DOJO (3656) to schedule in your tryout date. 

Arrival for Children ages 5-12 for Monday tryout days is 5:20 is when we will give a quick tour and rules of the school, and prepare the student for their karate training.  Waiver must be filled out "prior" for entry into class.

Teenagers arrive at 7:15p and a quick tour and a packet of information upon arrival. 

On Saturday's, for tryout days, Little Dragons arrive at 10:45-50.  Class starts at 11:00a.  Beginners arrive at 11:20a, class starts at 11:30a,

Teenagers arrive at 12:20p, class starts at 12:30p. 

We have a full staff that will be able to assist on Saturdays, if you choose this day to try out. You can try out once every two months, three times a year.  

If you cannot make it to the tryout simply plan on the next available date.  The information above applies the same way.  Every session we have, will start every two weeks for new students.  This way you don't have to wait too long before you start. 


We do offer another option for those who want to have a private evaluation without the group environment before being introduced into the group classes.  Our introductory lesson option is a 40 minute lesson where we will evaluate and monitor the students cardiovascular system, physical fitness, balance, reflexes, flexibility,  

as well as cover how to make a fist, how to punch, block, kick, and teach a few self defense techniques.  All of this for only $19.99. Up to 4 people can be in this small class.  You can request a slot in the mornings or afternoons on most days M-F currently by simply texting us.


Once the child try's out for FREE and is accepted, then we will offer you a special to get started to be sure your child is a good fit in our dojo. We are looking for students that want to train regularly and eventually add to our program.

Students that want to be serious in their training, have fun while doing so and practice regularly. 

Our positive and productive environment changes lives in dramatic ways over the short, mid and long term training process. 

The life benefits are a cornerstone of why students train even up into their 70's. This displays the lifelong benefits of karate and the commitment people have to themselves to make themselves better while training in karate.  

The two specials below are for the month of June 2021! 

Children and adults with special needs are not required to try out, however the student or the parent of the student will need to meet with Green Sensei in advance to give you a tour of the facility and answer any questions you might have. This will give Sensei Green an idea of where to place the student into the karate school and program. 

Our 2 June Specials (for new students) are: 1). Receive a uniform and unlimited lessons for only $99.99.  2nd person $50.00 off! Offer(s) expires 6-30-2021. You can sign up for this special at any time and the 30 day expiration date doesn't start until you take your first lesson. For example you start, on the 15th, your special would expire in 30 days or the 15th of the following month.  

2). In celebration of our 23rd year in business, we are offering 3 classes for $23.00. This way you can gauge your interest level before you sign up for a longer period of time! *You have 30 days to utilize any specials from the day of when you start your first class. 

Our shortest term commitment after any special is 3 months and we offer 6, 12, 24, and 36 month packages.

To receive our price list for the program packages, please schedule a time to physically come by!  

The longer the program, the more benefits and perks you'll receive.  We also offer the "on hold" option that allows you take a pause from the program for vacations and illnesses. We have offered all of these benefits plus other perks since our first day we opened.  


CLASSES OFFERED JUNE 11TH, 12TH, 18TH, 19TH, AND 25TH AND 26TH.  Fridays are at 7:30p. Saturdays are at 2:00p. Classes are taught by Sensei Green who is the author of the book "Karate Wise." 

Classes are $20.00 a person. Bring a friend, receive 1/2 off.  Cash, check, card, Venmo are all accepted.  Ages 12 and older for this first self-defense course in our new facility.  Bring water.  Classes are 1.25 to 1.5 hours in duration. 

Learn how to strike, kick, and neutralize your attacker in real-life scenarios. We teach Real Everyday Applications To Defend Yourself! Stand up and to the ground techniques and on the ground methods of defense. Our methods have been utilized in real life situations and have saved lives. Our You tube video "Self-Defense and Chattanooga" will highlight the struggles of yesteryear when Sensei Green, at the old dojo was trying to warn people of the importance of self-defense. No more than ever, self-defense is a life essential tool in the world we live in today. 


Prepare yourself for anything, take a course of self-defense with Green's Karate.  Please fill out waiver prior to starting your class. Please start the first week to continue to the consecutive weeks. Next course will be posted soon! 


Our karate summer camps are not like most camps.  We spend 80% of the time working with the students on their karate training and they will sweat! We mix up the training with our signature games that are constructive, challenging, and builds many skills all at once! The other times are breaks, lunch, and the best part, we make it a ton of FUN!   

Anyone that attends will need to bring a snack for the first half, a lunch if staying all day and another snack for the 2nd half of the day. Gi not required. Gi pants and school t-shirt (or plain t-shirt) recommended. Bring personal hand sanitizer and gear bag with sparring gear. 

Cost: Half day's are $40.00 and full days are $70.00.  

If entire week paid in full then receive a $30 discount! 

Start time: 1st session 9 A.M - 12 P.M.

12 to 1 is Lunch and 2nd session is 1P.M. - 4 P.M.

Dates: June 1st - June 4th 

June 14th - June 18th and July 26th - 30th.   No experience required. 

Minimum class is 6 per session and maximum is 20. 

Ages 5 to 16.  Please fill out waiver and put "Camp" and "i.e. 6-14" and we will know which camp to contact you about.  

Virtual Karate Classes are available! See our schedule and click the schedule tab to learn more! 

Our story: 

Green's Karate - originally opened on January 17th, 1998 in Soldotna, Alaska. Then in 2003, it was moved to Chattanooga, TN. Since 2003, Green's Karate or GK has offered the highest quality of traditional karate training in the area. GK is the longest running traditional karate school in the area's history. GK has the first ever person from Chattanooga on the U.S. Karate Team (Ryan Rogers). 

GK focuses on building good manners, respect, self-discipline and confidence. Often traditional martial arts is overlooked as a recreational activity, when in reality, traditional karate is so much more. 

Karate is a art form, a discipline of the mind and body, and a way of life for many. 

Professional sport coaches such as (Tennis (IMG), Football, Baseball, Soccer, instruct their athletes to take up traditional martial arts as another way to gain coordination, balance, reflexes, core strength, flexibility, agility, and to increase the mind and body connection. Martial arts is 90% mental and 10% physical. Former Olympian's and professional athletes enroll their children at GK because they can see the relation for their lives and the benefits of karate and what it can provide for the improvement of a student"s and parent's lives.    

GK instructs students with or without disabilities and has gained worldwide acclaim for accomplishing what was perceived to be impossible with students with needs such as autism, blind, wheelchair bound and more!  In essence, student of Green's Karate with special needs have competed against those without disabilites, at the National level, and won USANKF National Karate competition medals!

GK was also featured on CNN News in 2006. Brandon Earnshaw and his mom, Alina, were featured in the new story. GK has made U.S. Karate history over a dozen times since 2006. 

Classes are offered six days a week with classes for age 3 and up (Little Dragons), Beginners (family can join in this class), Intermediate, Advanced, Teen/Adult, Self-Defense Seminars (quarterly) and Special needs Classes (ages 5 and up).  With all of the possibilities, we will find a class for you!  

GK has over 80 You Tube videos that can easily be found under the Green's Karate You Tube channel.  We have playlists to learn from, be entertained by, and have fun with!  

Why wait?  Join Green's Karate today!  Call or text 423-405-DOJO (3656) for more information!" Located at 5319 Ringgold Road Suite "G" 37412. 



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