About Green's Karate


As one of the finest martial arts schools in the U.S.,   Green’s Karate untilizes innovative teaching
methods that are revolutionary in the martial arts realm.  Sensei Green’s methods for teaching special
needs students are research based and proven to work    His methods, known
as “Green Methods”, encompass a variety of approaches used to teach karate to students
that have special needs.   (Sensei Green teaches students with and
without special needs.)   

Green’s Karate opened in 1998 and has been offering full-time Traditional Karate lessons
in Chattanooga since 2003.   Green’s Karate has solidified their martial arts school
foundation in Chattanooga by being the only full-time Traditional Karate school in
Chattanooga.    Green’s Karate teaches Shito-Ryu Karate and Shito-Ryu is one of the
4 major styles from Japan.   The other three are:   Shotokan, Goju-Ryu and Wado-Ryu.  
Sensei Green has experience in 9 different styles of martial arts.   Read Sensei Green’s
Bio under About Sensei Green on this page.  

Green’s Karate is certified worldwide and is a club member of the Nihon Karate
Do Kenwa Kai (please read History of Karate for more information about history) 
There are several level’s of certification including World, International, National, Regional,
State or Commercial Branch.   The highest of the certifications and there are 8 schools
in the U.S. and 23 in Japan.    In order for a student to test for black belt in Japan.  
All 22 dojo’s (school’s)  have to test at the main dojo.   In the U.S. the International Director, 
8th Degree Black Belt Sensei Katsutaka Tanaka (go to links page to access his website)
has to be present when anyone tests for black belt or higher.    This is to ensure that the
quality of the black belt stays at the world standard.   

Green’s Karate and Green’s Karate student Brandon, and Sensei Green were featured
on CNN News in 2006.  (please watch video on main page)  Green’s Karate has also
been featured on all local main media new stations multiple times for their unique instruction
of students of Karate.   You can find many articles about Green’s Karate in Chattanooga
Times Free Press as well.    (Please go to news section of website to access titled
headlines and excepts)    A student of Sensei Green’s name Katie made history as she
became the 1st girl in history with autism to qualify for the U.S. Karate Nationals in 2010.     

Green’s Karate teaches two major aspects:   Real life application and Tournament Aspects.   
Sensei Green and his staff teach self defense classes for women at these locations: 
YMCA’s, Sport’s Barns, Girls Inc.,  UTC Soroities, and at the main location.    Please
call to reserve your spot for our upcoming classes at our main location.  

Green’s Karate has taught 5-time consecutive National Champions and Medalists from
ages 5 to 57.    Green’s Karate in 2006 to 2009 had 20 students win 20 medals.  
Green's Karate has over 300 Regional medalists!     Sensei has taken 5 five year olds
in 5 years to the USA-N.K.F. (go to links page for link) Karate National’s.    According to
the Times Free Press:  " Green's Karate in Hixson is the only Chattanooga-area martial
arts school that sends competitors to the USA National Karate-do Federation national
championships for traditional karate, and the school's fifth consecutive trip to the
nationals is its biggest".  -Karate History Again, 1st paragraph of article.  7/7/10

Sensei Green of Green’s Karate hosts an annual tournament that in 2008 became the
1st Traditional Karate Tournament in Chattanooga in 36 years.    15 to 30 schools from
7 states attend this tournament and is currently held in October every year
at Lookout Valley High School.   

Green’s Karate offers after school programs at these locations:   Bright School, 
Montessori School, St. Peter’s School, and Lookout Mountain Elementary School.   
Green’s Karate offers daycare Karate lesoons at these locations:   Mill Creek
Country Day School,  Discovery Point,  and both Primrose Daycares in Chattanooga.